You want a simple and effective decoration? Opt for a contemporary living room! Here you can learn how to decoration for living room and apply it at home.

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Contemporary style follows current trends and design. As you will have understood, this style is constantly changing and evolving with the times.

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If you choose this decorating theme, you will ensure a fashionable and refined style.
The advantage of the contemporary trend is that it can be broken down into several styles and constantly follow trends. In addition, you can also if you want to combine several styles such as Scandinavian style, industrial or even vintage with contemporary decor.

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In this article, we will give you all our tips for decorating your contemporary style living room!

How to decorate my contemporary style living room?

Decoration for living room is a very important step because it is one of the places where you spend the most time, which is why you have to feel good in this environment.
The contemporary style has the advantage of being able to mix with any other style of decoration for living room , indeed the contemporary decoration follows the tendencies, that’s why it is easy to play with styles and colors.

How to decorate my contemporary style living room

Warning ! To complete this decoration, you must still respect certain rules:

Think about the colors of your walls and your floor:

The colors of your walls and your floor are very important. It is essential to keep in mind the modernity and the trend side of this decor.
For the walls, we will favor the light tones in order to enlarge your room and give the impression of space. Opt for white or broken white walls.
You can also make a wall of gray or a more vibrant color that will bring modernity to your room.

Scandinavian style living room

On the floor, think of the parquet which will marry well with the white of the wall and which will bring a cozy side to the room. If the floor does not tempt you, you can choose to put white or gray tiles, this will have the effect.

contemporary livingroom

Be careful, do not mix all the colors. Think it takes little color, two to three, no more.

Which furniture to choose for my contemporary living room?

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The choice of the sofa

For your sofa, you can choose a designer sofa that will bring the modern side of contemporary style. Design sofas will become a unique piece of decor in your living room.

sofa design

If design sofas do not tempt you, you can always opt for a leather or fabric sofa, with more classic lines. The contemporary style can be found in other furniture in your living room.

The choice of the sofa

The choice of the coffee table

It will depend on the choice of your sofa. If you have opted for a designer sofa, stay in the same idea for your coffee table.
Also try to stay in the same color hues as those chosen for your sofa.
For the style of your coffee table design, you can choose a table with a glass top or a turntable.

The choice of the coffee table

If you have chosen a sofa with more classic and clean lines, choose a coffee table geometric shape dark or light wood. This type of table will break the classic style of your sofa and find you in the contemporary style.

the coffee table decor

Think also about your TV stand!

You have many possibilities to choose your TV stand! Keep in mind that you should stay in the same style as your sofa and your coffee table, do not scatter in furniture styles at risk of scattering.

Think also about your TV stand

To dress your living room, think of storage!

You can put shelves or consoles. One of these will allow you to store your personal belongings (books, folders) but it will also dress your living room.

To dress your living room, think of storage

Many consoles exist, in different materials such as wood, stainless steel or steel, but always think of being tuned with the furniture in your living room.

Do not forget the decoration!

The decoration for living room remains very important. Think of modern accessories and design.

Decorating your living room

To decorate your living room, you can add decorative elements such as paintings, soft carpets, picture frames, cushions with geometric shapes, cozy plaids and light fixtures.

contemporary style

For luminaires, you can choose suspended luminaires and designer chandeliers that will decoration for living room .

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