Essential finish in deco, the trendiest curtains help to make a warmer interior. Find here our tips and tricks to choose your curtains!

Fabrics, lengths, colors and finishes … Choosing a curtain is an art to master in order to achieve the desired effect. Whether you want to protect yourself from a vis-à-vis, create an intimate atmosphere, make a last touch decor, obscure the light or otherwise make the most of the natural light, here are our best tips to guide you in the choice of your curtains.

Find the perfect curtains for home


Choose the trendiest curtains according to the destination room

Start by studying the room, its needs and areas for improvement, because each has its specificities. It is therefore essential to adapt the curtains to the space.

  • In the kitchen, with grease splashes and humidity, choose venetian blinds that are easy to dust and clean. But if you absolutely want to install curtains, opt in this case for polyester models that pass easily to the washing machine.
  • In the living room, it’s a question of choosing a light and discreet fabric to protect oneself from the vis-à-vis but especially to create an intimate atmosphere by allowing the light to filter. The ideal? Sheers in cotton, polyester or linen.
  • In the bedroom we prefer blackout curtains to plunge the room in the dark at night, but also to create a subdued atmosphere and zen during the day. Goal ? Block the light.

Tip: do not neglect the choice of the rod, it will bring a little more cachet to the window….


Which fabric to choose for my curtains?

The spirit you want to breathe in the room is also a criterion to consider in choosing your trendiest curtains. Thus, cotton and polyester (the most common on the market) will marry well with a contemporary atmosphere. Linen and cotton will be favored for a natural decoration in the spirit campaign, although it is necessary to double them to avoid the discoloration due to the UV. As for the silk, taffeta and velvet curtains, they bring a touch of refinement to the room in no time.


Which colors to choose for my curtains?

Final touch of a decoration, the trendiest curtains are chosen in the last place according to the color of the walls, the soil, the ceiling and the furniture, even the beams. They bring warmth and have a real influence on the overall atmosphere of the room. Hence the importance of choosing their color with attention! Be aware that in general light colors (white, cream, beige, gray mouse …) enlarge the surfaces, unlike dark colors (black, navy, dark green …).

Tip: In a low ceiling room, do not be afraid to opt for striped curtains (in the sense of height). Their visual effect will increase the impression of height.


Which finishes to choose for my curtains?

Adapt the style of your trendiest curtains to the size of your window. Everything is a question of harmony. The rest ? It’s according to your tastes.

  • The eyelets: very practical, these metal rings slide perfectly on the rod and allow to obtain regular undulations and a perfect fall. A faultless.
  • The nouettes: these are small knots of fabric to form around the rod. Their rendering is very elegant (ideal for a chic country style). However, the knuckles are not necessarily very practical for a curtain to handle every day.
  • The legs: perfect for light curtains, these rings of fabrics slip on the rod for an airy and delicate effect.
  • The fringed lace curtain: ideal for curtains, the rail affixed to the rod allows easy daily handling and ensures regular undulations.

Tip: when a curtain is endowed with flamenco folds (large folds pinched on the upper part of the curtain), it gains in volume and sophistication.


Complete your decoration:

  • Double curtains
  • Curtains cheap
  • Curtain rods
  • Curtain tie
  • Venetian blind