Find the best suspensions for your living room from here, you can apply in your own home.For a bright and warm interior, the hanging lamp is the design and decoration solution to adopt at home. Modern and above all very versatile, it adapts almost to any interior and is also available in several models depending on the style and atmosphere you want to have.

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Looking for suspensions to enhance your stay? Here are the practical tips for choosing one.

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What are suspensions?

Suspended lamp this indoor luminaire  hangs from the ceiling with a wire. It is widely used in industrial style decorations, but quickly made the happiness of houses with a vintage, rustic, rustic or contemporary spirit.

What are suspensions

The greatest asset of suspension lamps is that they adapt to any room, from the living room to the dining room through the bedroom or the kitchen. Also, they can hang everywhere: in the center of the ceiling as in the recesses.

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What are the criteria for choosing?

There are many criteria to consider when choosing your hanging lamp, whose style is most obvious, its shape and also the lighting it offers.

What are the criteria for choosing


Like any other decorative object, the choice of a suspended lamp is undoubtedly according to its style. For that, ask yourself the right questions: what atmosphere do I want to bring to my home? Or in which spirit did I realize my decoration? It is according to your answers that you will orient your choices.

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For an industrial style, a little rustic and vintage, the factory-type suspension, made of metal more or less rusty, is very suitable, among others. The caged models, however, are very suitable for a vintage and retro interior, and sometimes modern, while design suspensions will have their place in a contemporary interior.


The shape of the pendant light also plays a vital role in choosing your lamp. Indeed, the form makes all the difference. A rounded or curvy lamp brings a touch of romance, femininity and modernity, while the square and angular models are modern and bring a sophisticated touch to your decor.

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Another thing to check with the form also is the possibility of cleaning. While some models have been designed to give you some ease in washing, others will have a more complex structure. So, be sure to choose a lamp easy to maintain.

Depending on the size of your room where you want to install it

It is clear that a suspension too large will only increase the decoration of a modest size room. On the other hand, a hanging lamp that is too small will not work in a large room. Hence the importance of properly checking the dimensions of your room when choosing a light catch.

Depending on the size of your room where you want to install it

Here are some ways to help you find the right lamp for your room:

  • If your piece is less than 10 m², the diameter of the suspension will be between 30 and 40 cm.
  • If the size of your room is between 10 to 15 m², a suspension with a diameter of 40 to 45 cm will be ideal.
  • For a room of 15 to 20 m², opt for a lamp with a diameter ranging from 45 to 50 cm.
  • Finally, the large rooms of 20 m² will be perfectly embellished with a ceiling lamp of at least 60 cm in diameter.

Of course, these are only minimum values. You can always stand out by opting for an extra luminaire.

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The diameter to choose

For the living room, we now like oversized lamps. This characteristic can be in width or in length.

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For an oversize hanging lamp in width, you can have a model up to 120 cm in diameter, which will bring volume to the room while imposing itself elegantly. However, to avoid overcrowding the room, consider shortening the wire to the point of approaching the ceiling.

The diameter to choose


Oversized chandeliers in length among others, exist in series of several suspensions. To give a modern look, you can randomly hang them in a cluster by adjusting the height of their electric wires as you please.

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In short, the hanging lamp is deco solution in the living room. It allows you to affirm and impose the look of your home at the entrance. It provides a beautiful lighting to your home, provided you choose a powerful bulb. In addition, the suspensions have the advantage of being fixed everywhere, in the center of a room as in the corners, and to adapt to the budget of each one. Again, they are perfectly customizable to fit the taste of each. In short, everyone will find his style!