More than just a practical object, the suspended staircase are now decorative pieces. Turning, spiral, straight, they come in many forms and compositions with their own characteristics. Of course, the selection of form and materials is subjective. The choice of a given type of staircase nevertheless depends on the configuration of the space to be developed and the reception area. This article presents the decorative advantages of a particular type of staircase: the quarter-turn suspended staircase.

suspended staircase decoration

Suspended staircase or the game of geometry

Of the different types of stairs, the quarter-turn staircase is the one that allows the most design margin. It should be noted that the quarter-turn staircase combines two types of staircase, the quarter-turn staircase and the suspended staircase. The quarter-turn staircase is as its name suggests a corner staircase of two flights at right angles. The position of the angle and the orientation of the latter are among the criteria to be taken into account when buying. It can be placed at the bottom of the first end, in the middle or at the top. In addition, the angle can be oriented to the right or the left. The configuration of this type of staircase then leaves a margin for a personalized rendering.

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As for the “suspended” part, this type of staircase has a refined geometric rendering. As a reminder, a suspended staircase is distinguished by simple steps fixed to the wall, without anchoring on the ground, or silt. Indeed, the alignment of the steps in the open air gives a feeling of emptiness and emphasizes the rectilinear finesse of the boards. This turns the staircase into a minimalist work of art in its own right.

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Suspended staircase and space game

Another advantage of the quarter-turn suspended staircase lies in the space saving. Indeed, the stairwell occupies only a minimal space due to the absence of silts. The quarter-turn suspended staircase has a certain airy aspect which emphasizes space saving. It is also possible to arrange at will the surface below the stairs.

Suspended staircase and space game

Window installation for more brightness, bookshelf or other, everything is possible. This type of staircase thus optimizes the configuration of the room for an airy decor.

What are the advantages of a suspended staircase?

What are the advantages of a suspended staircase

Suspended staircase or the aestheticism par excellence

The ultimate advantage of a suspended staircase lies in its aesthetic character. Its streamlined shape and its light and modern structure give it a finesse that combines wonderfully with any decor. In addition, this stair structure is suitable for all materials. The boards can be in wood species for its resistance and a touch of classicism.

Suspended staircase or the aestheticism par excellence

If the oak is prized for its robustness, maple, fir are economic variants, but equally elegant. Glass or steel is also a possibility to enhance modernity. Armed glass, unlike prejudices, is very solid while being refined. As for steel, the material offers finesse and a futuristic aspect. The quarter-turn suspended staircase allows you to play with the materials for an exceptional result.

Window installation

The quarter-turn suspended staircase as it was seen is a minimalist architectural piece. However, its installation can be difficult given the complexity and technicality of the implementation of its elements. In addition, it is a long process compared to other stairs. It is thus recommended to use the services of a professional in the choice of characteristics, the installation of this type of staircase.

Suspended staircase or the game of geometry

An approved carpenter will be able to study the adequacy of this type of staircase to the configuration of your home. He will also ensure you a quality work and tailor-made.

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