The recycling is very important to our world. We can make decorations to our homes by using this recycling. You can follow the Recycled decorative objects.

Recycled decorative objects

A responsible and healthy home decoration is the new way to beautify your nest to take care of its occupants, but also to be respectful to the environment. Except that this time, it is neither plants nor bio and eco furniture that will be honored. Rather, it is based on the use of Recycled decorative objects . This is a new concept that Naturally Deco will share with us. Indeed, the ecological decoration and gift shop is full of local creations, fair trade and all natural to allow everyone to adopt this trend bobo écolo. Let’s lift the veil on the subject!

The recycling

What if we gave our tires a second chance?

Nowadays, preserving the future of the planet becomes an emergency. As a result, the recycling of unused items is an approach that many should take to reduce the exploitation of natural resources such as wood, which is widely used in the design of furniture and interior decorations. In addition, they also limit the amount of waste because they are a source of secondary raw materials. Instead of throwing them away, they are transformed to make new products. On this subject, Naturally Deco is no exception to the rule because nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Because recycling has no limit, the car tire is one of the materials that can be worked on to create new objects. Rather than having them removed by public services or thrown into the wild, they decided to give them a second life in order to make better use of them. You’ll be amazed at the number of things you can get from the recycled tire such as a coffee table, swing, planter or decorative items and more.

What if we gave our tires a second chance

Why turn to ecological and recycled objects?

At present, returning to true values ​​is becoming an emergency to contribute to the well being of the planet and the environment. There are different ways to do this. Among other things, adopt the green trend by buying an ecological product or design ecological and recycled decorative objects . One or the other are responsible and intelligent gestures because it allows to “Live simply so that the others can live” Gandhi said. In other words, turning to ecological and recycled objects has a positive impact on nature, man and job creation especially for the artisans who design the products in question.

recycled tires

Best decoration ideas with recycled tires

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Naturally Deco, sensitive to the stakes that this has on the planet preferred to choose the tires become obsolete by transforming them into useful and pleasant decorative objects to bring its stone to the building. Thanks to its robust and impervious material, the tire makes it possible to manufacture very costal and indestructible objects. And with the help of the traditional know how of the craftsmen who design them, they are simply endowed with a good quality and an irreproachable finish. Do not hesitate to visit the shop to invest in a smart purchase to decorate your home. You will find baskets, storage boxes, jar baskets in tires.

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Our favorite decorative objects in recycled tires

Tires allow you to create a variety of objects that fit easily into deco, indoors and outdoors. The shop proves it through its collection in which we have spotted these brilliant decorative ideas.

Our favorite decorative objects in recycled tires

There are pot caches for all your green plants. These small accessories were made in recycled tire and handmade by Syrian artisans. Like all products in the store, they respect the fair trade approach. You can use it as a planter or use it as a pot to grow your plants. It will just have to pierce the bottom to allow the water to flow. They are available in round, square or conical format.

Naturally Deco

Then there are the umbrella stands that stand out for their design and practicality. Most homes need them because they are very useful to avoid straying an umbrella anywhere in the house, to avoid wetting the floor in rainy weather and to recycled decorative objects the entrance or hallway. Each model has its own motif invented by the artisans of the Mediterranean basin. Some are slightly bulged in the middle, the others are less so. So to speak, there is something for everyone.

recycled tires deco

Finally, our last favorite is the basket to store your plaids, magazine or other miscellaneous items. Given its robust material, you can even use it to transport wood or to use it for your work in the garden, for example. In addition to being resistant, it is also endowed with a beautiful finish by hand.

recycled wall tires