The kitchen version 2019 is becoming more and more like a living room, in which the consumer wants to feel good. Facade materials, styles, colors, open or closed layout, work plan, clever fittings, we will give you all the tips that you need to get the trendiest kitchen of 2019


The new styles of the trendiest kitchen of 2019

Regarding the facades of furniture, melamine grows for kitchens with wood effect (marble, stone …) more affordable than kitchens in solid wood. With a quality that continues to grow, says Morgane Pluchon. “You really have the impression of wooden furniture, with decorations that reproduce the veining, even the touch is very close to that of wood, for very competitive prices.”
“The laminate fronts in stainless steel or brushed metal, which mimic the chefs’ professional kitchens, also come in strong,” continues Delphine Pfeiffer, “married to black, ultra-ergonomic furniture and high-end appliances. one of the new trends in 2019. ” Finally, the lacquered furniture continues to seduce but they maintain higher price levels. For tighter budgets, Lapeyre offers in the heart of the range, doors coated with PVC, guaranteeing very qualitative finishes and a rendering close to that of lacquered furniture.

The 2019 kitchen is aesthetic, but also functional and user-friendly. In terms of materials, wood is coming back more than ever on the front of the stage with imitation wood imitation wood facades or solid wood furniture with a resolutely modernized look. Without forgetting the new wave of cooking in stainless steel, like those of the chefs. Black has become a safe bet and has attracted a lot of enthusiasm for the past two years, while other colors such as green or blue are doing well. Finally, the industrial style confirms its development, embodied, among other things, by work effect concrete or quartz while the natural atmosphere is also very successful, driven by the woody trend and by this way you can get the trendiest kitchen of 2019.

Practicality is also part of customers’ strong expectations: brands compete with clever fittings and equipment designed to make life easier in the kitchen. Finally, the kitchen is becoming more and more like a warm and friendly room: islets, benches, shelves, showcases, are part of the values ​​of 2019. The detail with Valerie Bion, head of department design and commercial design Perene, Morgane Pluchon, head of product design and art direction Lapeyre and Delphine Pfeiffer, product marketing manager at Schmidt.


kitchen 2019: trendy kitchen styles

Among the strong trends of the year, the natural is back. “Consumers have a bit of a Scandinavian style that is too clean and neutral,” confirms Valérie Bion for Perene, “they are looking for more real materials, material and realistic effect wood.” That’s what we’ve translated into our collections. by the nature style, the vegetal trend in the city which passes by the green color but also by the natural materials like the ceramic or the use of decorative elements such as wicker or caning “. Thus, the vegetable is gaining ground in the kitchen, the consumer wants to grow his basil or dill, in a kitchen in harmony with nature, Zen atmosphere: “The consumer aspires to feel good in his kitchen, adds Morgane Pluchon for Lapeyre is the return of raw materials inspired by nature, quartz, light wood … We have also identified a Terroir trend characterized by authentic cuisine.These traditional cuisines are revisited in related colors to the earth with furniture with noble materials and refined finishes that value our French know-how.With a concern for the environment, for all these cuisines, we prefer moreover aqueous bases rather than lacquers. “

Finally, another trend that has emerged in recent years, the industrial style continues to seduce, but with some novelties, according to Delphine Pfeiffer: “The concrete is still working but we are moving more towards sheet metal effects or metal.” At Schmidt, we have launched a new aged sheet metal, to marry with metal shelves. “.


The flagship colors of the trendiest kitchen in 2019

If the white is always the price, other colors him gradually dawn the pawn. Like the black that many took for a fire of straw. “This is one of our best sellers,” says Valérie Bion, “we were all surprised by the excellent performance of the totally matt black kitchen or married wood tones.” A black that all brands put on the front page, like Schmidt for whom black and matte cuisines, another strong trend, have become unavoidable for two years. Mixer, sink, tables, the brand declines all in black and associates this color with wild wood decorations, for a successful contrast. It also puts on new brown colors, for kitchens that use more masculine codes.

As for Lapeyre, it’s all about blue in all its forms, from indigo to denim with a touch of gray and blue storm. Green is also very present in new kitchens, a palette inspired by the vegetable trend: green water, green gray to dark green, Perene has made the flagship color of its new models. Finally, the time is also mixed colors. Lapeyre for example, offers you to choose the colors of the boxes of your furniture (to choose, 7 shades of box) which can thus be different from the colors of the doors, for a touch of aesthetics and additional personalization. “At Schmidt, we launched the Color Mix, adds Delphine Pfeiffer, it means that we can mix several colors in the facades of the same piece of furniture, which can for example be declined in wood and white.”