Working at home has many benefits. One of them is the possibility of working in an environment completely different from that of a small claustrophobic box. In this article, we offer some practical tips and 50 inspiring photos on the successful home office layout. Turn your workplace into a space that stimulates creative thinking!


How to design your work room

Successful office layout: 1. Create a neutral background

Using a neutral wall paint – such as cream or pearl gray – means that you can enjoy cheerful colors and a variety of patterns in terms of decoration. In this way, you will add teasing accessories that will help you relax a little when you feel too tired. Successful office layout is in the balance of productive concentration and creative distraction.


2. White and gray Scandinavian office layout with sources of inspiration

Create an oversized cork bulletin board, for example, where you could hang inspiring and meaningful images and inscription sheets. This can serve as fuel for your creative thinking.


3. Add art objects

Give the piece a certain personality and character through art. Art objects must not be expensive. Everything that makes you happy, is perfect for this purpose.


4. Good lighting is essential

Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room, but more importantly – it can influence your performance in the workplace. Make sure your workspace is well lit so that you can stay active. Opt for more than one light source regardless of the size of your office. The office design with a ceiling lamp or suspension, to which is added a desk lamp with articulated arm, is a good choice.


5. Successful office layout with plenty of storage space

Make sure you have enough storage space, as chaos can sometimes interfere with the work process. Nothing distracts more than disorder! Do not hesitate to multiply space-saving storage units as well as retractable cabinets. Depending on the size of the room, you can set up a suspended desk or, at worst, attach a folding shelf to the wall.


Artistic office layout: 6. Give the space a personal touch

Give the workspace a personal touch by placing a decorative paperweight, a green plant or leaving your favorite coffee cup. The work area must be a place where you are happy and where life is good. Take care to create a cozy cocoon by decorating your chair with a padded seat pad. To avoid getting cold in winter, consider also dressing the floor with a soft carpet or a cozy carpet.


Black and white office furniture with sailboat wall decoration

When you create a corner office, you must apply it as you did for all other rooms. Even if it’s a question of freeing up a little more room to fit a compact desk, do not neglect its aesthetic aspect which can have a big impact on your decoration. Above, a desk decided in snow white and matte black. Associated with the color of the walls, this compact desk integrates harmonizes the black-white duo which applies in total look on the furniture and the accessories of decoration.


Brick wall, comic strip wall, industrial wall sconces and wooden crates as storage shelves

This is an office that has everything to please fans of the industrial style. To make an office space of this kind, you only need to get a simple wooden board and you’re done. Easy to fix on a brick wall, this board looks like a suspended desk. A clever choice to save floor space for an extra piece of furniture or a storage cabinet.


Scandinavian style office furniture of a lady architect

If you dream of a Scandinavian office but do not know what it should look like, it’s easy to copy the idea above. It is a design office that is distinguished above all by its trestles and its resolutely Scandinavian platter.


Wallpaper wall decoration with stacked books and two offices equipped

A “trompe l’oeil” wallpaper: this is how you can be cunning to boost the interior of your home office. Stacked books form a sort of harmonious pile that occupies a wall. Clever and super original.


Charming office layout with pale turquoise paint, calendar and mementos on the wall

The office layout rhymes with creativity and aesthetics. Apart from the installation of a clever storage system, which imposes itself, you will be led to revisit the wall decor of the room where you intend to place your office. The classic solid wood desk is more original. Do not skimp on decorative objects and bouquets of flowers. Ditto for the mural that should have the mission to awaken the atmosphere. As inspiration, this desk in clear wood backed by a wall decorated with calendars and moments. The choice of the mural is quite suitable. A little expense will not hurt a room placed under the sign of sobriety, what do you say?


Storage system with cubes, table and armchair design

When it comes to wall storage, you have the freedom of choice between simple shelves and a more elaborate storage system. Of course, the wall cubes will not only allow you to store your belongings, but will play a real decorative role. They have the power to structure space to bring dynamism and movement to the modern office. To make the ensemble more harmonious, choose cubes with the same colors as those that adorn your walls. If, on the other hand, you want to play with the rebellious side of the wall cubes, all you have to do is create a sort of mismatched storage block.


Enlarge the room with mirrors!

Riquiqui office layout is not something to be taken lightly. So, to remedy this problem, we must first multiply the sources of natural light. Lack of space to accommodate large windows, opts for panoramic windows or we multiply the LED spots. The bright furniture is a nice option not to be overlooked, as are the cabinets covered with mirrors.