Rose has always been one of the most popular decorative ideas ever. The appearances and the colors of this plant mean a lot of things, because they relate indeed, a personality. Become a trendy object in decoration, the rose Beauty and the Beast rose decor or eternal rose is not only a present to offer to his lover, but it is now an original and well thought out decor. Nestled in a glass, silk or natural bell, this rose lasts through time and still represents a lively feeling for many years as in the love story of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Beauty and the Beast rose deco

Why offer roses?

Symbol of love and passion, the rose is a sure value to please, while mastering its budget. Indeed, roses are good value for money and remain accessible. Testimony of love and tenderness, it is the ideal gift for many occasions: wedding anniversary, first meeting or appointment.

Beauty and the Beast decors

On the other hand, the rose can also be used as a decorative object in its own right: only downside, its maintenance! And yes, having decorative plants means to enter them. However, there are now other ways to please you, without spending your time monitoring the earth. Too dry, not enough? Too much water?. No more watering your rose or carving it, here is the most famous eternal rose that will beautify your entrance or living room: the rose of beauty and the beast.

love and passion

Pink bell to offer or to offer as a decoration

A rose Beauty and the Beast is a gift that does not fade with time. It can thus be offered and adopted at any event. In most cases, it is offered for Valentine’s Day or for romantic parties. An anniversary, a declaration of love or an event to celebrate is the star of love gifts.

Pink bell to offer or to offer as a decoration

On the other hand, offering roses has always been a way to directly touch the heart of the one for whom they are intended. If you run out of ideas for a gift to offer to your Valentine’s Day, birthday or other, opt for the rose of beauty and the beast for sale here, a magical present!

eternal rose coiled

The Most Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Rose Decor

A rose Beauty and the Beast is also an excellent decorative item. The arrangement at home allows you above all to enjoy the beauty of a rose without buying every 3 or 4 days. This is a real economy for you. The advantage of this decorative element is that it is also easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere. We also choose the rose Beauty and the Beast because of its longevity. For decorative reasons, this plant can indeed keep its beauty for many years.

love story

A Rose Beauty and the Beast, at what price?

Roses that do not fade turn out to be a true miracle of nature and anyone would want to receive or offer it. The eternal rose comes in different shapes and sizes: there are roses, Beauty and the Beast rose decor, made of silk and nestled in a glass nest or glass balls. It would take the keys to make the difference. Although beautiful and eternal, roses that do not fade remain accessible to all regarding the price.

rose Beauty and the Beast

This cost varies depending on the structure, size and model. The price of an eternal rose coiled in a luminous glass differs from the one wrapped in non-luminous glasses. To make a comparison of the prices offered for these eternal roses and thus find the cheapest and the most beautiful, you just have to do a little tour on the Net. This is the only way to find the rose Beauty and the Beast adapted to your budget.

A Rose Beauty and the Beast, at what price

the most beautiful rose