With all available wardrobe models, you may not find it. Its primary function is to facilitate storage, but it must be in line with your room. Here are some tips to find the furniture that suits you.


How to choose the best wardrobe

What type of chamber wardrobe to choose?

Before choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom, you must consider the size of this room. Know that there are two types: with hinged doors and with sliding doors.

If you have a large room, you can opt for a wardrobe with hinged doors. Indeed, this model has doors that open on one side allowing easy access to linens. Nevertheless, it is necessary to foresee hindsight for the opening of the doors.

The sliding door is perfect for a small room. Its doors open in both directions thus facilitating the circulation in the room. In addition, it allows you to save space. With this type of wardrobe, you will not need to provide space for opening the doors. The latter slide along the furniture, thanks to rails.


Take into account the volume of storage of the room wardrobe

To make the right choice, you need to consider the storage volume. Indeed, the volume differs from one model to another. Four, three and two door models can be found with drawers, shelves or a wardrobe. In the bedroom, there are usually as many linens to put away. If you have many clothes on hangers, prefer a furniture with a large wardrobe. If you have a large number of underwear, it is better to favor a model with several drawers. Thus, it will be easy for you to compartmentalize them.


Wardrobe Room: What is the ideal matter?

They are now available in different materials such as wood, PVC and metal. Wood is a material that is perfect for those who value the decorative aspect of such a piece of furniture. In addition, it adapts to all styles of decoration. If you have a classic style room, the wooden wardrobe is for you. Simply choose the wood species that suits you: mahogany, teak, pine, rosewood, fir and many more.

For a modern room, retro or industrial style, you can choose a metal cabinet. It is a very durable and easy-care material. It also brings an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. Also, you can opt for a PVC cabinet if you have a small budget.


Wardrobe Room with or without mirror?

A furniture with a mirror allows you to quickly test the clothes you want to wear. In addition, the mirror enlarges the room while intensifying the brightness. According to your preferences, it is also a decorative element, since it embellishes the facade of the furniture.

Aside from the material, type of door and storage capacity, hue is also important. The ideal would be to choose a color in line with the style of your room. For example, for a Scandinavian bedroom, you can install a white sliding door cabinet.