New sticker designs has come to our store but how to choose the best one? Have you ever brainstormed how to dress the walls of your living room, your child’s room, or try to find a solution to brighten up your kitchen, without revisiting the all the decoration of your home?


The answer is certainly yes: in this case, have you ever thought of wall stickers as a simple and cheap decoration solution in your home? Do not misunderstand, when we talk about stickers, the first idea that can come to mind is that of stickers with childish motifs, or representing a cartoon character.


Think again: wall stickers are more like a painting or a poster. In short, a wall sticker is a decorative object in its own right, customizable at will, for a touch of originality in your home!


The advantages of wall stickers in the house

The main advantage of this type of decorative solution lies in the fact that installation and removal are extremely easy! Are you tired of the dull white of your fridge? Dress it up with a sticker!

Similarly for your children’s room: the big dilemma that often arises is to find a decoration that can evolve over time and grow with the child. For example, you may have to change the pink tapestry of your little girl’s room when it has grown!

In this case, the wall stickers is a relatively practical decorative solution: your child is tired of the pattern? No problem, just change!

Finally, this type of solution has a significant advantage: the installation of stickers avoids drilling all in your walls or doors.


How to choose a wall sticker suitable for a harmonious rendering?

In the same way as for choosing a wallpaper or a table, make sure to adapt your choices according to the parts. In the living room for example, choose stickers that represent one or two-color patterns.

Also be sure to consider the dominant color of the room: if your living room is in a dominant color of white, off-white or light gray, you can choose patterns with similar colors, or, if space allows, choose a color that would break this dominant, while creating a harmony: black or red, for example.
For the children’s room nothing more simple: let your children choose the motifs or representations they prefer, insofar as you can remove the sticker very easily if it does not like. Better yet, make a game with your child: choose small stickers with colorful patterns and friendly: flowers, birds, video game characters, and customize together the furniture of the room: dressers, desk, closets, …


There are many online sales sites for wall stickers, some even offer to print your own creations, for a decoration of your interior completely personalized!