You can find the best wall shelves design ideas here and you can apply these ideas on your walls. In terms of layout, the shelf is undoubtedly the best ally of any interior. It is practical, decorative and a real solution for small spaces. In short, it is a furniture of decoration with multiple use which deserves very well its place at home. For all interior decoration enthusiasts,Deco launches its catalog of high quality shelves, brimming with style to give a new look to the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom or even the balcony. Let’s go to their discovery!

wall shelves

Shelf: a decorative element in its own right

When one is running out of solutions to store all its bazaar at home, one opts for a decoration accessory which joins both the useful and the pleasant one. We are talking here about the shelf which is an element of singular decoration. On the one hand, it optimizes storage. Indeed, no matter what part it is, none of it escapes the trend of houseplants, trinkets or photo frames, etc. Using a shelf becomes clever to store them harmoniously to give style and character to the interior. Because if they are misplaced, they can affect the view and the decor. On the other hand, it is ideal to dress the walls as well as paintings, stickers and clocks. Not to mention that the shelf also saves small spaces and you can place in any room of the house or apartment to release a few square meters in each corner.


Organize your interior with shelves

The layout and storage are the key words to remember in terms of development. The site offers just what organize your interior with sleek furniture like shelves.


in the living room

In the living room, the shelf becomes a real art gallery that hosts different kinds of works of all kinds. If you spread out all the books, it becomes a small library. If you drop small objects of art, it becomes a small museum …. And as it is now designed design and in clean lines, it can become an independent element of decoration to match or to mismatch with the rest of the furniture.

in the living room

in the kitchen

In a room like the kitchen, the shelf is a great asset because it houses the most bazaars . The presence of a shelf in the room helps to align and store all this to give it a refined look.

in the kitchen

in the bathroom

The bathroom, regardless of its size, also likes wall shelves design ideas because they offer generous storage space for all cosmetics, towels, etc. Only for this piece should shelves be made from materials that are more moisture-resistant, such as the glass shelf or the metal shelf.

in the bathroom

How to choose the ideal shelves for you?

Today, modern wall shelves design ideas are available in a wide range of materials. We no longer have to settle for those made from plywood boards. To have a house in tune with the times, Deco offers for all tastes and for all styles.

wall shelves design

Starting with the collection of wall shelves design ideas with originality to give a unique style to a room. They come in different materials such as timeless wood, steel, melamine, glass and modern parapan and metal for an industrial style. If you like decorative furniture, this category is for you. Like the set of 2 glass wall shelves with beautiful curves, an original model to install in the living room why not.

wood wall shelves

On the practical side, there are corner shelves and wall shelves design ideas. They are perfect to use every nook and cranny of the house to make good use of it. What’s more, they are easy to clean, less bulky and rather aesthetic. What delight those who live in small areas. Only, as they have only one support, we advise you to hang them in a bedroom avoiding of course to overload objects. For this type of model, we suggest the example of the wall shelf decorative transparent glass 1000mm length and 8mm thickness:

corner shelves

On the other hand, for rooms that require a maximum of storage space, instead, go for shelves with a large number of supports and made from resistant materials such as wood, steel or metal. For example, the modular wooden shelf is essential for storing books.

bathroom shelves

shoes shelves