You can find the most beautiful decorating ideas of the new year here, and you can decorate it with this kind of products.

Decoration is the soul of a house. That’s what gives style and personality to your home. You must choose it carefully.



Decorative items for a trendy decoration

Make a list for each piece. Thus, you will have a better idea of ​​the decorative objects to buy. Obviously, you can choose the items as you see fit, but think to take some basic to succeed your interior decoration. For example, a clock will never be too much, whether in your living room or your bedroom. In addition to telling you the time, this wall decoration will highlight the style you have chosen for the room. Moreover, a pendulum mottled at a junk shop will be perfect for a vintage living room. Do not forget to include a side light in your home decor. It is a piece that will help you to highlight an object or to play with the shadows. Again, this article is to match the style of your decoration. Side model, there is for all the taste through the lamps to ask lamps. There are even interior rail lamps These are beautiful decorating ideas accessories that will give a modern touch to your interior. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to put a few candles instead of extra lighting. Timeless candles will easily find their place in the photophores, shelves and coffee tables. In addition, they can be customized to perfection. With red ribbon, cinnamon sticks and some glue, a basic candle can turn into a nice centerpiece for Christmas.

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Decorative furniture for your interior design

Aside from the small decorative items, you will need some furniture to succeed in your home decor. A living room will be empty without its traditional sofas, loveseat and chair. With the latter, you will already have enough to make a beautiful decorating ideas. You just have to choose them carefully and especially, that you arrange them correctly.

Very popular, natural wood is a favorite material if you want to create a trendy decor. Offering a warm look to a room, the wood will complement the Scandinavian style. To have a cocoon, opt instead for woven rattan furniture. It’s always nice to find your good and cozy rattan chair after a hard day’s work. If you want to, you also have the opportunity to incorporate this kind of furniture to a more natural style. Just place green plants in your living room. To make no mistake, consider using a good interior designer. This one will be able to advise you on the plants to choose. Aside from that, know that there is not that there is not only with chairs that you can customize your living room. A console or a shelf will also allow you to embellish your interior design. These are practical and pretty things that will help you fill a space that is too empty. If you have trinkets, frames or a table lamp, this piece of furniture will showcase them beautifully. Instead of a console, you can use shelves to display your beautiful decorating ideas items. Placed in the middle of a room like a screen, this piece of furniture will allow you to create two different spaces. Bet everything on the original models if you want to have a unique decoration.


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Small decoration: all our decorative objects

You will find everything you need to complete your home decoration. We offer a wide range of products that will surely awaken the great decorator in you. With a little creativity, you will certainly make good use of our anti-gravity trends. There is something for every taste and every style. The Naos flower pot will be ideal, for example, if you have a futuristic style living room. Elegant and innovative, this small black porcelain decoration will find its place on your coffee table. With its levitation flowerpot, you can be sure your guests will be amazed. Side lighting, you will also be satisfied on the site. You will find street lamps, indoor suspensions and table lamps. Among the table lamps we offer the night light lamp. Cute full, it is a luminaire that will go perfectly with a kawaii decoration. Who would not be under the spell of these beautiful cats? Otherwise, for you who prefer rabbits, know that also sells white Miffy lamp rabbit. For information, these exist in 2 models, namely table lamps and indoor suspensions. In addition to the bedroom and living room, the kitchen deserves a little decorative touch. Moreover, offers various products dedicated to this piece.

Home Decorating Ideas 2019

Make yours sublime by drawing beautiful decorating ideas in our section dedicated to cooking. It is not utensils, fruit doors and dishes that are missing. Not only are these items practical on a daily basis, they also add style to your kitchen. The vitaminized colors of your fruits will be magnified with the large wicker basket black Scandinavian spirit from Comptoir de Basthan. Clean lines, this kitchen decor will be perfect for a northern style.

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Our best decorating ideas

Facilitate home decoration by choosing themes for each room. This is the ultimate advice that will give you an interior designer! For the show, why not opt ​​for a vintage decoration? You will have the choice between several eras to realize your project. Indeed, you have the opportunity to inspire you in the Victorian style, 60s or 80s. It all depends on your taste. Just be careful not to overload the beautiful decorating ideas of your living room so as not to overdo it. Think of incorporating some modern design objects into the room. Moreover, a flat screen will be quite acceptable in a vintage living room. For a cocooning look, put everything on rattan or natural wood. These materials will be perfect for furniture, especially if they are in light color.

Faux fur will also be welcome on the chairs. For walls, wallpapers, wood coverings or paint will do just fine. Do not forget the cushions and poufs. For a successful cocooning effect, all must obviously be in shades of beige, brown and gray. If you opt for a Scandinavian style, you do not have to restrict yourself to these colors. Everything is allowed as long as they are soft. Pastel is preferred in this case whether for furniture, walls or small decorative items. For the design and beautiful decorating ideas, the clean lines are the key words of the Scandinavian style. So do not break the rules by taking something too sophisticated. After all, the charm of the northern style is in its simplicity. Anyway, the important thing is that your interior design looks like you.

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