The teenagers bedroom is a very important place for our children, it is the place where they can feel at their place! For girls it’s more important because they want to feel like princess in those room.

We searched and found the best design and decoration for the teenagers bedroom and we found those. We hope that this guide will help you and your children to find the best decoration that suits you the most.

Best teenagers bedroom decorations and designs



Bedhead in teenagers bedroom
A headboard painted in powder pink. Geometric patterns are created by applying painter’s masking tape before painting everything.
Even simpler: leave the wood natural and apply decorative tape of the “washi-tape” type.



Dresser graffiti in teenagers bedroom
Here is a classic style furniture found in flea market is painted and decorated with graffiti. We change the handles to update the look of the furniture. We can also simply change the furniture we already have inspired by the idea.



Small relaxation area in teenagers bedroom
A rattan chair suspended soft cushions with graphic patterns and a soft fur for the feet, it is the ideal to modify a room of teenager!
Instead of the chair, if space permits, why not install a hammock?



Study area in teenagers bedroom
Simple white tablets placed on brackets painted in gold give a glamorous look to the work area. With a space like this, let’s bet that you will not have to argue long with your teen to do his homework!



Coquetry corner in teenagers bedroom
The beauty area is a must for many teenage girls.
This one is created using wooden boxes in which one screwed hooks to install the jewels. A large mirror is installed in the center and a support is fixed under it to hang bags and scarves. The dream!



Graphic wall decor in teenagers bedroom
The “washi” ribbon makes it possible to create original and colorful wall decors without damaging the surface of the wall.



The magic of the light garlands
A rope of bright paper lanterns is surrounded on a driftwood ladder against the wall. You can also use small white lights placed on a metal headboard for a magical atmosphere!



Dreamcatcher to do it yourself in teenagers bedroom
Create a bohemian style decoration in no time. Use an embroidery hoop, a lace doily and colorful ribbons. Vary the designs and install several on the wall for an amazing effect.



Motivation board in teenagers bedroom
A simple plywood board is here painted with geometric patterns. You can see magazine cutouts, favorite photos and inspirational quotes.



Jar of dreams in teenagers bedroom
Simple and so pretty this jar! Ask your teen to take the time to dream about his future and write his projects on colored paper ribbons surrounded by an elastic band.
Use an apothecary jar with a lid or a simple cylindrical vase, the bigger the container, the more dreams you’ll put!