Teenagers bedroom are very good designed. The transition from childhood to adolescence is a time of great change: the personality asserts itself, it is the arrival to secondary school and often the first great love. The teenager now wants to have his own space to invite friends to sit, read and dream.
I present deco ideas for a boy’s room that are accessible, with a touch of humor and a lot of originality.
Consult your teen and let him express his tastes and preferences, he will be happy to participate in the development of his new space.

Choose the best teenagers room design


Wooden bed and original bedside table
Barn wood planks or recycled pallet wood form a beautiful original headboard. And look at the beautiful idea! Would you have thought of recovering vintage suitcases and stacking them to act as a bedside table?



Chill space in teenagers bedroom
A small lounge area is arranged in a corner of the room to receive friends. The space is delimited by a section of the wall and the painted ceiling of a vitaminized color.
We install a comfortable chair or a “bean bag” to read and relax. Do not forget to add a lot, lots of cushions so that they can sit on the floor comfortably.


Workspace in teenagers bedroom
A work desk is created from scratch by reusing an old filing cabinet or a bedside table on which a worktop is installed that can be bought in a supermarket. We add metal legs and this is an original office for a fraction of the price of a new!



Library in teenagers bedroom
A truly original library! Wooden boxes of various sizes are stacked, secured together and held in place by a nylon ratchet strap. For a different look, you can paint the bottom of the boxes or cover them with patterned wallpaper.



Custom wall in teenagers bedroom
There is an infinite variety of self-adhesive wall stickers on the market. Choose a theme that reflects your teen’s personality. Like here, a map of the world will please the traveler who wants to discover the world. Why not personalize everything by allowing him to put small sticky stickers on the cities he dreams of visiting?



Simple lighting in teenagers bedroom
A luminous rope hangs from a black painted wooden square. Installed near the bed, this changes from the classic table lamp.
A fun variation would be to tie 3 strings together to create a ceiling suspension.



A wall board to express himself
Create a gallery wall by incorporating blackboards to allow him to write his moods, inspirational quotes, etc.
Frame beautiful images cut from skate, ski, mountain bike, hockey or soccer magazines as you see fit!
Arrange everything a little uneven to give a relaxed look.



Skate bench in teenagers bedroom
A bench to do yourself with an old painted skateboard. Another idea would be to set skateboards on the wall using metal brackets to make shelves.



Terrarium in teenagers bedroom
Create a miniature desert decor in a glass jar. Use artificial plants for minimal maintenance.
Here again let your teen’s tastes dictate the theme of the terrarium for example: a Yoda figurine in green moss, attacking soldiers or a zombie invasion, let him have fun!