Light or dark, massive or laminated, wide or narrow, rustic or refined … the floors are numerous and there is something for everyone. But loving a parquet is not enough to make the right choice for your home. In order not to be wrong, it is better to take into consideration some points that can make the difference!

Opting for a parquet is more complicated than choosing a pair of socks you will agree! If both are made for the feet, well select its parquet is slightly more decisive! Because having a longer life and a cost that is just as much. That’s why it’s better not to go wrong. To do this, a myriad of elements is to be considered. Above all, it is about observing and thinking about the environment in which the future floor will evolve. Jonathan Sultan, general manager and co-founder of CarréSol, distributor of high-end parquet floors, returns with Maison à part on the essential points to know before setting his sights on a floor.



Stability can be decisive for slicing between solid and laminated flooring. And stability side, the performance is much better side of the laminate. “It does not consist of a single fiber, so its expansion will be less important and it will maintain good stability throughout his life in your apartment,” said Jonathan Sultan. On the contrary, solid wood, much more nervous, tends to move. On the aesthetic side, Jonathan Sultan assures him: “There is no difference, you just have to know his criteria”.


The width of the blades

Depending on the surface of the pieces, the width of the floorboards will vary. “Contrary to popular belief, if a room is small, do not install wide blades, the more you put large blades in small areas the fewer rows you have and the more the room will appear to you as narrow”. Better to use small blades to create more rows and thus give the illusion of a larger space. “Concretely, for a room of 12m2, do not install blades more than 15cm wide.It is a question of perspective, the opposite is just as true.For example, in large spaces of 20 to 40 m2, choose blades between 15 and 20 cm below, the room will be too charged, “says Jonathan Sultan.


The pigment

The pigment is also important. If your interior is very bright, flee the floors too clear to avoid giving a white appearance to different spaces. And conversely, if the brightness is insufficient, do not install parquet too dark, at the risk of darkening the rooms.


The contrast

The tone on your tone is not good! The parquet floors are also chosen according to your furniture, already existing or not. “With dark furniture, it is necessary to opt for lighter parquet floors, such as pastel, so that the furniture can express itself.On the contrary, if you choose a light or contemporary furniture, choose a more dark to bring contrast, “says Jonathan Sultan.


Natural light

According to Jonathan Sultan, it is natural light that must be taken into account, rather than the artificial. “Artificial lighting only needs to be in the evening, and most of the time an apartment or house is lit by natural light.” It is therefore primarily on the basis of it that must be selected the floor, because anyway, at night, all cats are gray!


Brushed wood

Another criterion is the appearance of wood. In France, oak is king. It comes in many shades and is distinguished by a very beautiful veining. To emphasize it, Jonathan Sultan advises to choose brushed rather than smooth woods. “Brushing will remove the thinnest fiber and keep the hardest, resulting in better abrasion resistance and better scratch protection, and brushing marks the grain, tints the wood and gives it depth. “. A parquet that is not brushed after being tinted hides the veins and gives an impression of homogeneity.


Visible nodes

Not to be confused with the veins, the knots also bring character to the wood. These natural asperities can be more or less visible. Several possibilities are available to the customer. The first choice, discrete nodes, the rustic choice, for moderate nodes and the choice of countryside, with nodes in abundance! Here, the first choice is ideal for old apartments, so as to counterbalance the overall appearance.


Discrete nodes

On the contrary, in a modern dwelling, without cornices or ornaments, it is better to give character to the wood by favoring a rustic or rural choice. Ranges that reveal more knots and these characteristic cracks that are called the heart slits.


The laminate

The laminate is not a parquet itself, but a flooring that mimics the wood. Usually more economic than aesthetic choice, “Today the laminate can really be bluffing in terms of imitation knots, visu … we manage to make it less repetitive than before with blades that are repeated every 5 to 10 times, “says Jonathan Sultan. In addition, it cleans easily, does not scratch and does not slip. With its easy installation, it can be a good alternative for a tenant who does not have permission from its owner to put a floor.


The points of Hungary

As a bonus, those that are no longer presented, the points of Hungary. They are ideal for a Haussmann apartment. But why not also in modern spaces without ornaments!