For this summer, whether or not you plan to spend a few days with your family, there are some works that seem necessary with the arrival of sunny days. This applies to the design of your home, but also its comfort. We think here of the installation of Gibus awnings, essential to protect you from the sun.

Not only are these accessories made with quality materials, but they are also very practical for outdoor use. Just choose your product.


Which Blind to choose for the house

Blinds with bar: for convenience

One of the first choices that is required is for example the awning with arms outstretched. Practical and aesthetic, it adapts particularly to any facade and for individual houses as well as for professional establishments such as hotels or terraces.

As its name suggests, this type of awnings extends via a mechanical arm that you will operate via a lever or a button. The mechanism in question will wind the blind when you do not need it and will roll it out to offer you some shade in these days of suns. Every element of this accessory has been refined to last you years.

In terms of design, you do not have much to fear. The mechanical arms of the blind are perfectly designed to bring a little chic to your implementation. They are diamond-shaped, rounded or at right angles and come in a wide range of colors: what you can customize your space.


Tight blinds: the height of elegance

Inviting as well in high-end homes as small apartments with terrace, taut blinds are the height of elegance. They are not only simple to install, but are also very effective in bringing some shade into your outdoor space. This will allow you to enjoy the good weather, without fear of UV rays.

Slightly inclined or not, available in a wide range of colors, stretched blinds are the classic outdoor accessories. In addition, they are cheap.


 Vertical blinds for a little more originality

As their name suggests, vertical blinds open and close from top to bottom. They are now electrified to make it easier for you to use. They are the essential allies for an original layout, aiming to bring a little more privacy in your living rooms.

Always responding to the requirements of consumers, the vertical blinds of this brand are known for their robustness and quality of manufacture. For information, they also allow you to play with the outside light and change the mood of your room if need be.


The awnings for a retro style

These are usually hotels that use this kind of store. However, the fact remains that these are items that are still very popular today. Ideal for small terraces, the baskets are made of polyester fabrics: this guarantees its longevity.

The awnings can bring a touch of originality to your facade in addition to providing shade. Just find the right color among those sold.


Zip blinds: two blinds in one

The Zip blinds are particularly attractive because of their practicality. They are indeed both mosquito net and shading. They are therefore useful in both spring and summer. And yet, they only cost a few tens of euros.

Available in a wide range of sizes and models, the zip blinds adapt to all needs. They are also easy to install, which is a plus.