A bathroom for children, a simple fantasy? Not so sure ! If you have enough space at home, separating the space from large to small can be extremely practical. Find out how to create a bathroom for children in this article.

Decoration For Kids Bathroom

1- Why build a bathroom for children?

When showering or brushing teeth, is it the crisis? If the children are not very fans of these gestures of hygiene, it is often that the bathroom appears to them as a very unwelcoming piece. Washbasin too high, floor too cold, tub or shower slippery … Because if we do not appreciate our children play to smear with lipstick, we can end up laughing. On the other hand, the use or ingestion of certain beauty products can be very harmful to their health. In other words, setting up a bathroom specifically dedicated to children does not necessarily mean luxury. It also helps ensure the safety of children and greatly facilitate the lives of parents!

2- The amenities to provide for a bathroom for children

It’s decided: the children will have their own bathroom. To ensure their comfort, we think so carefully the development. First precaution: avoid falls and slips. The floor and the flexible floor covering are therefore preferred. If you have to deal with the tiles, choose the bath mats. Exclusively opt for models with anti-slip lapels. Then bring special care to the electrical equipment. In terms of heating, we forget the electric radiator booster, instead of a classic wall-mounted radiator or a towel warmer. Finally, luminaires such as wall sconces are preferred, to which recessed spots are preferred.

3- Bathroom sink for children

bathroom sinks for children

The children’s own thing is to grow up fast. To save yourself from repetitive work, you can install a height-adjustable washbasin. Otherwise, think of a stable and non-slip step. When it comes to washbasins, it is better to opt for a shallow model. Do not underestimate the risks associated with the mixer. If your children are still young, equip them with a locking ring, so that they can not use it outside of your presence. To eliminate any risk of burns, think also thermostatic mixer, which ensures a water not exceeding 38 ° C.

4- Smart accessories to adopt for a child bathroom

child bathroom accessories

To limit the risks, choose in priority unbreakable accessories, indeed, a fall on the hand or on the foot is also quickly arrived. We forget about heavy materials, such as stone or marble. Furniture and accessories: beware of angular shapes! Prefer rounded lines. It is also essential to secure the shower or bath. You can install a seat adapted to small, not to mention non-slip. The bath requires a last precaution: secure the evacuation of water, which can be dangerous for small hands. Finally, do not neglect the aesthetic appearance with a touch of pop color or a patterned laundry basket… Everything is good to compose a fun space in which children will feel good!