Discover the new designer trendiest bathroom furniture of the moment. Suspended or on feet, sober or original, they allow the bathroom to gain charm and to propose a smart layout.


The layout of the bathroom, often small, is not an easy task. In addition to equipment such as bath and shower, we must choose aesthetic bathroom furniture and practical to make the room as pleasant as possible in everyday life. They determine the general mood of the room. Designer bathroom furniture is the most prominent. They offer a wide range of possible looks. Clean bathroom or colorful bathroom, wooden design bathroom or designer bathroom with melamine furniture, the options are many and more and more brands are able to meet our expectations.

Design bathroom furniture for a relaxing room

For a long time, the bathroom furniture was classic or downright cold. Today, they reinvent it to adapt to each space and make the bathroom a continuity with the room especially in the case of parental room. True synonym of refuge, the bathroom – a piece of morning and evening at home – has developed its contribution to comfort, relaxation. Bathtubs and showers are more and more in this perspective, and inevitably the bathroom furniture as the entire decoration of this piece of water have been influenced by this concept of comfort.

How to choose the trendiest bathroom furniture?

Functional, modular, space-saving: bathroom furniture is designed to make daily life easier, while maintaining the practicality and aesthetics. Two options exist in the layout of the bathroom. First, the hanging furniture that opens the perspectives and allows to save space on the floor. This is not negligible in a small bathroom where they will have the virtue of making traffic more fluid and bring an airy feeling. Column, basin and other storage units are available in suspended version. Another possible option: the furniture on the feet. The washbasins display ultra-design legs where the columns are placed on the floor. Equally practical, this version of bathroom furniture saves additional storage but increases the volume of the room.
Bathroom furniture offers a wide choice of finishes to suggest different moods. Wooden bathroom furniture for a natural spirit, entirely white for a chic interior design, even transparent for a completely minimalist look. They agree more and more to designer baths and minimalist sinks, adopt a lightened design, decline a wide choice of finishes and colors studied to play both aesthetics and functionality. The bathroom must be peaceful, the order must indeed prevail. For this, manufacturers multiply the tips to maximize functionality and storage.

Let’s see our best selection of newest and trendiest bathroom furniture of this moment…